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Update anything

Cinterion gives specifications on how to send SMS messages to launch a remote Over The Air Provisionning (OTAP) operation.

Recently, someone asked me : We have a little program on some TC65 chips that only send SMS, we would like to connect it to the software that you built. What would we have to do. Well that where the magic comes. You don’t have to touch any of the hardware. The only concrete thing you might have to do is enable GPRS on the sim cards of your M2M fleet.

Let’s say the current little program’s name is “little.jar” (+ its “little.jad”). You have to build a program called “little.jad” that :

Then you publish it on your HTTP server, send an SMS to every TC65 chip with the address of your HTTP server, and HERE IT IS ! Your whole M2M equipments fleet is updated with your brand new software.

Note on the SMS

According to Cinterion’s specifications, it’s pretty easy to send the software update SMS. But, when the time comes where you actually have to do it, you might get stuck, because it has to be precisely forged. I built a little (english+french) program that enables me to send SMS update to any TC65 ship I like.

It looks like that :

I updated the program. More details here.

A little bit deeper

You should remember that whatever parameter is sent by SMS, it is overridden by the “AT^SJOTAP” setting. The only way to have a remote complete control over the chip is to send the “AT^SJOTAP=” command.

That means that if you want to just put your chips where they have to act and then do a little OTAP to install the first program on it, you have to set :