For those of you that take an interest in M2M and/or embedded things. You should look at the Waspmote.

This is a generic hardware that can be customized to fit any need.

I looked at the API and it’s in C (pretty low level, you have to free everything) but everything seems to be handled at a high level. It’s sometimes better to have a smart C API rather than a dumb Java API. Look at the examples, they are really easy to read, you don’t need to be a skilled C developer to understand everything.

If the API seems great, the IDE doesn’t. But still I have just downloaded and tested it very quickly. It made me feel I was back on an AMSTRAD except that I didn’t have to put line numbers.

It seems the WaspMote is sold $100 for each card when bought in a package of 5.

Note : I know this look like some stupid buzz syndrome or planned viral advertisement but it’s not. It’s just a product that I’ve been interested in for years. This is the perfect product if you’re an M2M company. What ever you or your client wants, you can do it with this product.