I often hear people talking about which technology is better between C / C++ / C# .Net / java. Most of the time, it’s more a political/brotherhood/community thing (like football, even thought frenchies like me aren’t so proud of their team now) than a technical talk.

I find it absurd. Computer science is about efficiency and making more money. You can take into account the pleasure you have to work on a technology (as you will be more likely to be more efficient with it), but it should still remain about efficiency.

The following video is about java & C# .Net. I’ve done quite a lot of C# .Net, Java and C, and some ObjectiveC (while developing iPhone applications) and a little bit of C++. The only thing I feel is that Sun with java had the good ideas, Microsoft with .Net took them and finished the work. Still, I often code in java, mostly for the TC65 chip, it’s quite comfortable. But for instance, it was longer to implement the M2MP protocol on the TC65 chip than the C# .net server. Mostly because of the unsigned types I had to “emulate” and the lack of generics (which are not available on the TC65’s JVM).

By the way, I’m running .Net apps on Linux everyday using Mono.

Here is the best example of what I’m talking about :

For all these lame people who don’t have an HTML5 compatible browser, you can go to the original video. The reason I downloaded it here in my blog is that you are forced to register to YouTube to watch it.