Florent Clairambault

The waspmote

For those of you that take an interest in M2M and/or embedded things. You should look at the Waspmote. This is a generic hardware that can be customized to fit any need. Communication : GPRS / Wifi / ZigBee / USB Location : GPS Power usage : Low consuption, battery or solar as power input Storage : SD Card (2GB), no other storage memory Sensors : Everything you might need (really impressive set of sensors) I looked at the API and it’s in C (pretty low level, you have to free everything) but everything seems to be handled at a high level.

Microchip Zena Analyser – Zena .zna file format

I recently thought that it could be interesting to automatically get everything I needed about a MiWi network using a program reading the .zna capture files. I wanted to check every data sent on the 802.15.4 layer at a higher layer than Zena. But the project has been cancelled, so I won’t make this program. But still, I decided to give the format of the file for those who would have the same needs.