Florent Clairambault

One weird bug on the XT75

WARNING: All the Cinterion related content from this blog will be removed to go to the javacint wiki soon. Please get used to going there. You might have faced this error with your X765 chip. The program crashes with this error : ^EXIT 00010000,02d6414253485f4c434c2c70726f6365647572655265636f72645f702d3e6e756d6265724f66526567697374657265645461736b73203c3d204d41585f4e4f5f524547495354455245445f5441534b53 ^SHUTDOWN If you convert the hex array to some text, that will give you : #ABSH_LCL,procedureRecord_p->numberOfRegisteredTasks <= MAX_NO_REGISTERED_TASKS Which might mean something to someone. But the point is, you won’t find any help.