Florent Clairambault

Mono Tools for Visual Studio

I talked about this earlier. The mono tools for Visual Studio is a commercial product that easily enables you to test and port your Windows applications to mono. As I told before this is really a great idea. Because I think Visual Studio is the best IDE and Linux is the best server OS (in my opinion, it’s more efficient and more robust than Windows Server). So, I think it’s the perfect gateway between this two very different (but very close since Mono appeared) environments to achieve greatness.

Mono Tools for Visual Studio : I have tested it !

Yes, I have tested MonoVS with the version 0.2.2641 (on both client and server). I installed OpenSuse 11.1 and added the MonoVS software repository, and everything worked ! I would have prefer to get it from SVN in order to use it in my Debian hosts but the mono development team seems to have removed it from their SVN repository. So, the Mono Remote Debugger for Visual Studio works, but there still some bugs.

Mono Tools for Visual Studio

Just a little post for all these people who seem to think Mono is just an other short-term open-source software. I’ve used it for quite some time with a production “real time” network server, which is running for something like 6 months now, and it performs very well. I do everything on my Windows host and then copy and launch the final app on the Linux host. But there are still two problems :