Florent Clairambault

WP Codebox Quick fix for WordPress 2.9

This bug has been fixed ! I like to have the latest version of WordPress, this is why I use the SVN version. And recently the CSS of the “WP Codebox” plugin stopped working. Here the explanation and the solution : It seems that starting with the 2.9 version, you can register the styles in the wp_print_scripts action method. So in the wp-codebox.php file, you have to put this :

SVN : Go further

I’m not a huge fan of SVN. It’s crappy for file transfers and it easily locks. But still, it works pretty well for my relatively small needs and it’s super easy to setup. I’d like to talk a little bit about the things you might not know about SVN… Hooks on the SVN Server You might not know this but you can add a lot of personalized actions on your repository.

Insert SVN version and Build number in your C# AssemblyInfo file

Software version number is quite important. It helps you track what versions have your users when they report something. And when it’s linked to an SVN version number, it’s even better. Well, with MSBuild Community Task, you can easily automatically generate smart version numbers, you have to: Download MSBuildCommunityTasks Make sure your “svn.exe” binary is in C:\program files\subversion\bin Add this at the end of your .csproject file : 2011-07-02 update: As given in Markus comment, this code is a much better option: