Florent Clairambault

My little Sharepoint

I recently bought a new laptop. I choose a P8600 processor to make sure to have virtualization support and a little TDP (Thermal Dissipation Power) because I don’t really like the fan noise. And it has 4GB or RAM for these little virtual hosts. So today, I decided to have a little Sharepoint 2007 of my own. I installed Windows Server 2008 on a VMWare host, activated Remote Desktop, added Sharepoint 2007 and then MOSS 2007.

SPGridView : Filtering

I wanted to use a little SPGridView in a software and had a little problem. First of all, in order to use filtering on a SPGridView, you have to give an ObjectDataSource by it’s control’s ID. For anything else, you can use the DataSource property directly. The best sample code I could fin on the net was this one : Creating the SPGridView with sorting and adding filtering. This example is great because it only shows the basic requirements to setup a SPGridView and it gives you a clean way to build the ObjectDataSource and it explains step by step why you have to do things this way (in Sharepoint, it’s very important).

MOSS 2007 : Managing search properties

In Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server, you have a powerful search service. It can’t say I like everything in sharepoint but the MOSS Search Engine is really amazing. It enables to search fulltext on everything and also to filter precisely your results by searching on columns at the same time. But the MOSS search engine isn’t as easy as searching directly in CAML. You have to prepare managed properties (from your lists columns) to be able to search on them.