Florent Clairambault

The M2MP protocol

Moved to github This has been moved to github. Still as a backup: Motivations Transmit and receive in real-time Transmit as few data as possible Send and receive any kind of data Basics So the basic ideas are to : * Keep a TCP connection open all the time by sending regular keep-alive frames. * Define named channels that are only transmitted once (to reduce data consumption) * Send byte array, and two-dimensionnal byte arrays on these channels * We rely on the TCP protocol for packet checksuming, packet ordering and every little things it does very well

TC65 : Settings management

Someone recently asked me and the javacint group how we should handle settings. So I’ll give you two answers : ejw’s reply : You should use some simple DataInputStream and DataOutputStream objects. Mine : If you only store simple values (numbers and text), you should use a simple text file. It enables you to easily see and modify settings outside the TC65. So, my little gift of today will be a simple settings management class.