Florent Clairambault

Access your Google Latitude position from a .Net app

When I saw that Google Latitude now enables you to access your data by a JSON feed, I decided to make it communicate with a little GPS tracking project of mine. I’m really found of all these ways we now have to make anything communicate with anything. You can build interfaces from any system to any other system really easily. This code enables you to automatically get your GPS position (or the position of a friend) from your JSON Latitude feed.

Lighttpd + Mono ASP.Net : The right configuration

As I already told before, I love the Mono project. It enables to run the powerful Microsoft .Net Framework on UNIX/Linux/BSD systems. I recently wanted to test a very cool feature of ASP.Net on a mono server. So I did a little apt-get install lighttpd mono-fastcgi-server2 -y The feature I wanted to try was a web scripting method ( with the [WebMethod] attribute) exporting some JSON directly from your method return value.