Florent Clairambault

Ajax Push Engine 1.0 released

I’m quite unlucky because I’ve downloaded the APE BETA5 just before they (I mean Anthony Catel) released the 1.0. The quite interesting part is that it fixes all the bugs I’ve talked about sooner. So we could say my last post won’t be very useful to anyone. Still, if you want to compile APE on CentOS x64, you have have to edit the modules/Makefile file and add the -L/usr/lib64/mysql command arg.

Ajax Push Engine 1.0 Beta 5

I talked quickly about APE in a recent post. I recently downloaded a new version of their program and I’ve installed it successfully and it works much better. Since the first released verison, it has become quite easy, you just have to launch “./build.sh”. I had some problems with the linker on my CentOS system and the mysql libraries. But I solved it by added “-L/var/lib64/mysql” to some line of the Makefile.

Lighttpd + Mono ASP.Net : The right configuration

As I already told before, I love the Mono project. It enables to run the powerful Microsoft .Net Framework on UNIX/Linux/BSD systems. I recently wanted to test a very cool feature of ASP.Net on a mono server. So I did a little apt-get install lighttpd mono-fastcgi-server2 -y The feature I wanted to try was a web scripting method ( with the [WebMethod] attribute) exporting some JSON directly from your method return value.