Florent Clairambault

Google, the cloud and WebKit

The cloud Just in case, you still haven't understood, the future is in the clouds. The more I use online product, the more I feel it. I'm now typing all my documents into google docs. Ok, I copy/paste them to Word for my retarded friends that live bellow the clouds, but soon I won't. Even the important things that I have to do on actual files are synced by Dropbox (still on the cloud).

Google Chrome Browser & OS

The browser I’ve always been on the Bêta version of Google Chrome. And the current bêta (soon to be stable I guess) now supports plugins, the most interesting ones are AdThwart which blocks ads and Gmail Checker which displays the number of received mails. Making some chrome extensions seems to be really easy, it’s entirely based on javascript. The other very interesting thing is the developper tools. They are very close to Firebug, it’s now really easy to debug JS and CSS within Chrome.