Florent Clairambault

OVH mail redirection service sucks badly

OVH has a mail redirection service that fails quite badly. It’s a little bit slower, or at least it’s always the slowest point of the mail transmission chain. But sometimes it’s REALLY slow. Like 10 hours slow. An other interesting point is that their redirection server time is totally out of sync. This is a little problem for me as I use mails intensively. I had setup some postfix/mysql redirection before and I think I will have to come back to that.

Redirect port on Linux

Sometimes, you just need to redirect a port on Linux. The solution I could find is to add an entry into xinetd. Here is a sample /etc/xinetd.d file I have, it just redirects the 587 (tcp) port to the 993 port of gmail’s servers. I have to do this because Virgin Mobile France blocks the 993 tcp port. If you’re in the same situation, you can use my server to access you gmail IMAP access.

Google Chrome Browser & OS

The browser I’ve always been on the Bêta version of Google Chrome. And the current bêta (soon to be stable I guess) now supports plugins, the most interesting ones are AdThwart which blocks ads and Gmail Checker which displays the number of received mails. Making some chrome extensions seems to be really easy, it’s entirely based on javascript. The other very interesting thing is the developper tools. They are very close to Firebug, it’s now really easy to debug JS and CSS within Chrome.