Florent Clairambault

Inside Sharepoint

I recently took the time to take a look inside the Microsoft.Sharepoint.dll using reflector. I’m not sure I have the right to do that. And I’m pretty sure I don’t have the right to publish any code extracted from it, so I won’t show any. Using SPSite(s) and SPWeb(s) If you do some timing on the SPWeb creation call (SPSite.OpenWeb), you will find out that it’s freaking fast (less then 1 ms on my server).

.Net Reflector + File Disassembler

.Net reflector is a really good tool. You can see the content of any assembly very easily. But it’s not really easy to see the full content of a class, or a library with it. The File Disassembler add-in is a totally crazy stuff. You can take any assembly and totally disassemble it. It even creates the .csproj so that you just have to open the project in Visual Studio. But don’t get too excited if the code is obfuscated you will get some “empty” methods with just this comment :