Florent Clairambault


I’m a huge fan of all the cloud technologies. I’ve been working on a M2M project on top of cassandra and I can really say I love this distributed database. I’d like to give my feedback on this great database. Easy management Cassandra doesn’t require any kind of manual management for complex operations like sharding data accross node restore a crashed server or put a new or a previous disconnected node back into the cluster.

MySQL Master-Master desynchronization

Settings a master-master synchronization is pretty easy. You can find a quick guide to do this on google, just try. What is a little bit more problematic is when you lose your loved sync. And that can happen. It happened to me yesterday, I upgraded my two servers from Debian 4.0 to Debian 5.0. The reason is that the old version (something like 5.0.32) used the Relay_Log_File ${hostname}-relay-bin.XXXXXX. And the new version (5.