Florent Clairambault

DOL – Delete Oldest Logs

This is a little program I made some time ago because I had some problems with some log files I generated. I didn’t know how big they would end up and I had a limited disk space. As you can guess, it can be used for any files. So I could have called it “DOF * Delete Oldest Files”. The idea of this tiny .Net program is to delete the oldest logs first.

kernel event to improve network performance on .Net

I have built a simple tcp/udp network server library. I used it on lots of little programs and on one pretty important vehicle tracking server. The first version was using one thread for each connected client. It was working but it consumed a lot of memory. When the server reached something like 3000 simultanneous connections, the kernel was killing it for consuming to much memory. I built a second version which was using network events.

MapPoint WebService authentification with Mono

Recently, I was faced with a little problem. I built a .net program which calls a MapPoint WebService. It worked fine on Windows but failed on Mono/Linux with a “401 Unauthorized” error. As it really made no sense, I decided to listen to the network communication. It did it with wireshark on my computer and tcpdump on the Mono/Linux host. And by looking at the header of the HTTP request, I noticed they were some slight differences.