I made some few changes to the SMSOTAP program for the TC65 :

  • I removed the time limit, it’s stable enough to do not force you to update it frequently.
  • It now uses class 1, PID 7d messages instead of class 0, PID 00 compatibility mode (it doesn’t change anything).
  • It generates OTAP SMS only with the parameters you specifiy and use as few SMS as possible. Most of the time, you can use only one OTAP SMS
  • It will prevent you from sending SMS above 140 chars in 8 bits and 160 chars in 7 bits.
  • I fixed a little bug, I replaced “APORNUM:” by “APNORNUM:”

Configuration file from the previous v1.1 version will still work on this one.

[ Download SMSOTAP 1.2 ]

Thanks to Martijn for his comments on the program. You can send me comments if you would like to see new features added or some bugs corrected.