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Program updated !

As I told you in the comment where I released this TC65 SMS OTAP program, it didn’t support serial communication. Well, I have added this feature. The program is now able to directly send OTAP SMS, using a GSM modem.

Download SMSOTAP

The “config.bin” with your settings file isn’t compatible anymore.

Please tell me if it works for you and/or if you find bugs. You can also ask me questions about the TC65 if you need some help.

So, to use this program :

  1. Extract at least SMSOTAP.exe from SMSOTAP.zip

  2. Launch “SMSOTAP.exe”

  3. Connect your TC65/XT65 modem to your serial port (or virtual serial port using USB interface)

  4. Build a short message (take care about the class and the PID)

  5. Click on the “Send” button

Note : When your type your message, the “\n” and “\r” are replaced by ‘\n’ and ‘\r’ chars. The carrier-return (CR) chars typed in the textbox are not sent. No other chars than ‘\n’,’\r’ are converted (but I might change that if you need it).

Note 2 : You should always remember that the “AT^SJOTAP” parameters always override the SMS ones. So, if you want to be sure you will always be able to remotely update your chip, you should reset all parameters by sending the “AT^SJOTAP=” command.

Note 3 : There’s a pretty good chance that this program works on a lot of other GSM modems than the Cinterion TC65 chip. It has never been tested on any other chips but it uses standard AT commands (you can see them in the window).