Accelerating software/product development through continuous integration

The developer are the ones who build thing that run by themselves (which they should be proud of, they are makers). But they often forget about automatizing the build process. Some people like to do the same task over and over, if these people happen to be developers, they should be fired. Frequently following the same tasks to reach a goal is something that a computer can do, that’s what they were invented for.

Openssl CA certificates indexation

OpenSSL can use a CAPath to search for certificates to index, but you could overlook how it actually searches for them. You can specify a CAPath in openSSL by using the function SSL_CTX_load_verify_locations, but it won’t work as is. As described in this page, it will need the certificates to be rehashed with the “c_rehash .” command. Except on some environment like many embedded devices (the one you put busybox on), you can’t use it because it’s way too heavy (or not worth installing) for that kind of environment.

Cassandra CQL3 internal data structure

I’m a huge fan of cassandra, I’ve been playing with it since 0.7 and I’ve never stopped using it. It would say it’s most amazing features are: Always working and simple replication + predictable performances. I was very happy when it went from a key-value store to a well structured database with CQL. With CQL you can focus on your data, and less on how you should organize your own structure to handle it properly.