This is a stream ripping program I did in order to read and rip streams (like Frequence 3) sending frequent advertising messages that usually prevent users from ripping them. It’s somehow like a protection bypass ripper.

What it does :

Here are the command line options :


StreamRipper - Help

  -h –help This help -u –url URL to specify (stream or playlist file) -d –output-directory Output directory (Default: output) -a –user-agent User-Agent to specify (Default: “FlorentSR/ -") -e –encoding Text encoding (Default: iso-8859-1) -r –reconnect-attempts Maximum reconnect attempts (Default: 60) -m –min-file-size Minimum file size (Format: 2M, 1G, 100K; Default: 2M) -M –max-file-size Maximum file size (Format: 2M, 1G, 100K; Default: unlimited) -c –cue-sheet Rip one big MP3 with a cue file -x –exclude Exclude some pattern ``

As always, it can work on Windows with .Net and Linux/Mac Os X with Mono.

[ download streamripper ]

Note : This program was used to build WebRadioWatcher (only in french right now) which doesn’t do much than indexing all the played song by the webrados.

Edit : 11/11/2009 : I removed the other posts around this program. This is the only post about it. It describes the latest version of the stream ripping program I made.

Edit : 23/02/2010 : Updated the program to 0.2.5 to add the “-x” option. With it you can easily filter the “next song :” stream titles.