The cloud

Just in case, you still haven't understood, the future is in the clouds. The more I use online product, the more I feel it. I'm now typing all my documents into google docs. Ok, I copy/paste them to Word for my retarded friends that live bellow the clouds, but soon I won't. Even the important things that I have to do on actual files are synced by Dropbox (still on the cloud).


Have you noticed that WebKit, the engine behind the Google Chrome browser also powers the Apple's iOS (iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad), Google's Android phones, RIM's BlackBerry, Nokia's phones and our french Freebox v6. So basically all the current phones and tablets. You can build web apps and make sure they will work with all the current desktop browsers and phones.
But wait, wasn't it the idea behind the J2ME. And wasn't it a total failure? Not really, because J2ME is about phone, WebKit web apps are about every connected things (there's no reason to stop at computers, tablets and phones, advertising space would be much easier to handle with browsers). Porting J2ME to one environment to an other was painful, with a web browser it's much more simple.

Google Chrome OS

I just saw a facebook friend wall page:

BTW, I applied too.

So Google actually started his Google Chrome computer test program.

There’s just one thing I don’t understand here. The iPad (I’ll buy the next version) is centered on the usage: Your read your mails, play and stay informed on your couch. Android is about making better phones to reduce the gaps between the iPhone and the stupid phone constructors OS. Desktop computers are here, well because we sometimes do have to work.

But what is Google Chrome OS about? Will we be able to use it on our couch? will we be able to work with it? Because it’s clearly centered on the new Chrome Web Apps Store. Is it about consuming or producing content?

If you are wondering how do perform the Chrome apps in the real world: VERY WELL. Take a look the Chrome Web store with the Chrome 9 browser (currently bêta), you can take the last fm music player or test a graphically amazing 3D app., cooliris:


History of WebKit