I met Gerôme Guillemin at work (well yes his personal page is totally outdated, he now has long hairs). He invented and supported FBSL, its surrounding development tools and some sample programs.

What is quite amazing with this script language is that it only requires a simple 450 KB exe file to run the FSBL scripts and all scripts perform very well (even with the OpenGL samples). The executed programs look like they are some native Win32 applications. I’d say it’s the perfect language for basic style languages addicted programmers.

You can get the latest version here.

The program is closed source but he’s ok to give the sources to people ready to get involved in the project.

By the way, Gerôme Guillemin is the first person I know to have played with the TI-74. I’ve spent a lot of time with this amazing single line calculator that my father owns.

Just a little sample code he sent me and I frapsed, encoded and uploaded on DL :

envoyé par superfc. * Vidéos des dernières découvertes technologiques.