I’ve installed Windows 7 on my PC. I made an upgrade from vista. Everything was saved except the deploy/debug connection to the Cinterion’s SDK. But a little repair operation with the setup installer made it work. It’s pretty cool because when I switched from XP to Vista, well… I switched back to XP due to that problem.

22/12/09 update :

MES doesn’t work fine on any other system than XP. You should try the JObexFTP tool instead.

I know I’m talking a lot about the TC65 these last days, but I’m finishing a little program (on my spare time) on this chip for someone. This little project is interesting because it requires to be fully optimized to match the required goals of performance. It’s pretty new for me, because a second delay time was ok in my last projects. Here, data must be sent at 5Hz (each 200 ms) and if possible at 20Hz (each 50ms), and that’s why I talked about the TC65’s crappy TCP stack.

Don’t forget you can download the SDK here.

I don’t provide the SDK anymore, I had to remove it.