I’m quite unlucky because I’ve downloaded the APE BETA5 just before they (I mean Anthony Catel) released the 1.0. The quite interesting part is that it fixes all the bugs I’ve talked about sooner. So we could say my last post won’t be very useful to anyone.

Still, if you want to compile APE on CentOS x64, you have have to edit the modules/Makefile file and add the -L/usr/lib64/mysql command arg. It will give you something like that :

ifeq ($(HAS_MYSQL), yes)
        MYSQL_FLAGS = -L./deps/mysac/ -I./deps/mysac/ -lmysac -L/usr/lib64/mysql -lmysqlclient_r

They also added some new great demos but they are not included in the 1.0 sources. I’ve been closely following their websites for the last two days and they did an awesome job in a very short time. And I guess a lof of people are taking interest in this project because you can see a lot of monkeys on the APE home page.

As soon as possible, I will make some little test with the very interesting javascript server-side code based on SpiderMonkey.