TC65SH for Cinterion TC65/TC65i development

Hi the TC65 community,

There’s a new software in town, after JOBexFTP from Ricardo Schmidt, Christoph Vilsmeier decided to create the TC65SH tool which apparently does the same thing but faster.

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Here is the mail that brouht the good news:

Hello Florent,

I’ve done some TC65 development recently and found your site very helpful, especially your articles about TC65 development. Thank you for that!

I ran into some problems with the Cinterion SDK, especially the Module Exchange Suite (MES). Basically, it didn’t work for me. Cinterion support told us that MES doesn’t work on Windows 7 and they are working on a solution, well… (I tried it on WindowsXP too. There, it worked better but was still very unreliable.)

In the meantime, I checked out JObexFTP from Ricardo Schmidt, which I found via your blog. That tool did help me quite a lot, as it let me (after fixing it a little bit) upload files to the device via a USB-serial port adapter. But i missed an interactive mode. And I wasn’t too happy about the fact that for each file upload or download, JObexFTP does a complete connect-upload-disconnect cycle, which I found was pretty time-consuming.

Inspired by JObexFTP, I started to write my own Java tool for communicating with a Siemens/Cinterion TC65 device: TC65SH lets you upload, download and delete files, navigate the directory structure of the device, create and remove directories and completely erase the device’s flash memory.
The program provides both an interactive command line (like a unix shell or a Windows command prompt) and a batch-processing function, which makes for easy integration into development build scripts.

I wanted to let you know that TC65SH is available free and Open Source from my web page at:

Thank you for your attention and thank you for your great site.

Christoph Vilsmeier

6 thoughts on “TC65SH for Cinterion TC65/TC65i development”

  1. Nice tool.
    Made a variant of JObexFTP with TC65SH profile, using that I tested both simillar programs with ‘time’ linux application and obtained the following time results

    Folder listing of main folder:
    JObexFTP 0m3.070s
    TC65SH 0m4.062s

    Upload of the same file
    JObexFTP 0m2.637s
    TC65SH 0m3.413s

    Download of the same file
    JObexFTP 0m2.562s
    TC65SH 0m3.420s

    I really loved the tc65sh interactive mode (that was a desired feature) and it is in a branch in
    and after adding some features will be the master branch.

  2. Hi all,
    I’ve encountered the same problem using a Windows 7 Virtual Machine (Virtual Box). After the CMTK installation, Windows 7 wasn’t able to assign a proper driver to the TC65i device. Hence the Module Exchange Suite didn’t works.
    I’ve “solve” in this way…
    Control Panel -> Device Manager -> Select TC65i device and update driver.
    Now you can use a generic USB modem driver, I’ve used the
    “ZyXEL Omni 56K USB Modem” driver (available by default in the OS drivers).
    Know issues: Sometimes I have to reinstall driver (but now MES works).

    Hope this can help you.

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