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Update (2011-06-28):

You should look at the jOBEXFtp program if you don’t want to spend hours fixing a problem with a crappy software.

When you want to locally deploy software on your TC65 chip, you need the Module Exchange Suite (MES). If it doesn’t work, it won’t tell you why, finding out why can be quite tricky.

If you want to find out why the communication with your TC65 failed, the best way is to use the portmon tool and see what is exchanged between the MESServer.exe and the chip.

I collected 4 portmon captures that could help you diagnose your MES communication problems :

  • Here is a successful MES files listing at 19200 bps. You can see that it sends the “AT+CGMM” at different bit rates unless it gets a good response. Then it sets some serial communication options. And then it sends the “AT^SQWE=100” commands which fails and then establish a successful link using the “AT^SQWE=3” command.
  • Here is a failed MES file listing. Here, after the ““AT^SQWE=3″” is sent, MES sends a 26 bytes message and receives a 41 bytes message from the chip. Then it should request the file listing. But here, MES doesn’t request anything. Maybe MES doesn’t work well, or maybe the reply from the chip doesn’t satisfy his requirements.

    Anyway, after that it should send a 27 bytes message containing : “x-obex/folder-listing”, and it should get the file listing. But it doesn’t. It reads on the serial port like if it was still waiting for something. And finally, it closes the connection (with “+++”).

  • Here is a totally failed communication. Here it’s because the modem gets stuck on waiting for the modem hardware flow control (“IOCTL_SERIAL_GET_MODEMSTATUS”) when it’s only a 3 wires (TX,RX,GND) communication. So MES never reads or writes anything.

  • Here is communication that failed by not receiving anything. Everything seems ok but no data was received. It’s quite likely that the RX cable is disconnected.

If you have the same kind of problem, you can send me your portmon capture file.