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  1. Hello Florent.
    Thank you for the Downloads page, now I can use the latest SDK 🙂

    To any TC65 Linux developers googling help:
    Also, if anyone needs help in developing TC65 under linux can contact me: 3esmit [at] gmail [dot] com

    I have two methods for doing the MES, one is discribed by the community in the link you posted, other is from Ondřej Janovský , who made a tool in Java using the RxTx library, that is great cross OS, simple and clean, but I’ve got problems with RxTx in the latest kernel.
    Here, in the free world, we are all open source, so all the programs will be sent in sources.

  2. About the SDK : You’re welcome. It’s very frustrating to have old tools when you know better one have been released.

    I would prefer if people contacted you on the javacint group as we could all benefit from your knowledge around Linux development.

  3. Hi. The last faq, about switching on automatically the module. confuses me.
    In fact, I read in the “TC65 HW interface description” that to switch on the module needs to pull IGT to GND for at least 400ms, i.e. to low voltage not to power (high) voltage.
    Is it correct to connect the IGT pin to GND for automatically switching on the module while it is powered and to leave this connection during the running ?

    1. Well… It seems you’re right. Thank you. The “TC65 HW Descriptions” says :

      When the TC65i module is in Power-down mode or Charge-only mode, it can be started to Normal mode or Airplane mode by driving the IGT (ignition) line to ground. This must be accomplished with an open drain/collector driver to avoid current flowing into this line.

      I added this because I said to someone “I think you have to connect the IGT to the power input” and he replied me that it worked. So I’m not sure whether it actually works or not. If you could test it and give me an answer, it would be great.

  4. Hi. I made a circuit test on which I installed the module TC65 v3. Well, once powered, it starts only pulling down the IGT pin. In Application Note 24, sec. there is an example of autoignition of the module, in which you see a BJT resulted in saturation after applying power supply, i.e. when the bjt is in saturation, the IGT pin is low (~0.2 Volt) and this switches on the module.

  5. Hi Florent,
    about the problem rised by Marcin Mazurek on a TC65i I have an update: I actually use GPIO and SPI at the same time without sync. At some point I was getting also those errors but just because I was writing into SPI, but not reading out the answers I was fullfilling the Cinterion out-buffer and reaching the error.

    Those was my errors anf hex-decoded messages
    ^EXIT 00010000,015d4b49414d582c283431303032442c38303034302c313629

    ^EXIT 00010000,039d504c4b4d50454c4d2c546570205061676520456d7074793a20342c207374617465203320206b69537973496e746572727570744e6573744c6576656c3d31
    PLKMPELM,Tep Page Empty: 4, state 3 kiSysInterruptNestLevel=1

    ^EXIT 0000fd04,07016572726f72686e646c2e632c535849545f636f6e74696e75653d66666666666666312831303030302c504c4b4d50454c4d3a3932352c546570205061676520456d7074793a20342c207374617465203320206b69537973496e746572727570744e6573744c6576656c3d3129
    errorhndl.c,SXIT_continue=fffffff1(10000,PLKMPELM:925,Tep Page Empty: 4, state 3 kiSysInterruptNestLevel=1)

    Kind regards,
    Lorenzo Patocchi

  6. hm, I’m trying to set the autostart delay to “100” and I get “ERROR” which I assume means incorrect syntax, but I’m sure I’m using the correct one, in fact exact one given in documentation, anyone knows what can be wrong? Commands like at^scfg=? and so on seem to work fine.

  7. Hi, its a great blog about TC65.

    I’m read about Remote enable autostart on tc65 at the FAQ. You way is a little tool on serial connection. Acutally have you newly information for really remote enabling of autostart? I mean without physical contact to the device.


  8. Hi, first of all, this FAQ has been of great help when I was getting started with my TC65 development. So, congratulations on sharing this information with the world :).
    Now, I am being forced to ask if any of you knows how to identify an incoming call and the caller’s number, from JAVA. The idea is to ring the modem and get something done, without texting it. Seems cheap and insecure, that is where the caller’s number comes into play. By validating the number, I can make sure that the number is within the contacts of the SIM, as one way. The thing is, I am not able to get the URCs (CIEV I believe it was) with this information. As a matter of fact, I don’t even get the RING now!
    I will keep on with my research and if anyone knows something about this, please let me know. Thanks for the time and the space to let me write this.

  9. Hello. Please, help-me.
    Have you ever had this error below?

    ^EXIT 00010000,05f14b494f5354494d2c2846464646464644442c302c302920416d78204572723a2053656d6170686f726520636f756e74206f766572666c6f

    ^EXIT 0000fd03,00c66b696f736661696c2e632c534641494c283130303030293a206e6f206275662c4b494f5354494d2c313532312c2846464646464644442c302c302920416d78204572723a2053656d6170686f726520636f756e74206f766572666c6f


    KIOSTIM,(FFFFFFDD,0,0) Amx Err: Semaphore count overflow

    kiosfail.c,SFAIL(10000): no buf,KIOSTIM,1521,(FFFFFFDD,0,0) Amx Err: Semaphore count overflow

  10. I am trying to send a signed binary command to the TC65i using the command AT^SJSEC as described in the manual(wm_java_usersguide_v16). I’m finding the manual is a bit vague here. It says you must wait for the response “CONNECT JSEC READY: SEND COMMAND …” and then send the binary data. It fails to specificy if there are any required protocol, flow control, baudrates etc applicable and if I should expect any response from the modem afterwards. However, no matter what I do, I simply can not get the TC65i to accept my binary command. Did anyone else ever try this and did it work for you?

  11. @Werner: Yes, I have tried. There are no specific settings to send the binary file. I have used these settings in hyperterminal:

    Bits per second: 115200
    Data bits: 8
    Parity: none
    Stop bits: 1
    Flow Control: none

    And to send the binary file go to:

    Transfer -> Send Text File…

    After sending the file, you will receive “OK” from the modem.

    Hope you find it helpful.


  12. Hi Florent,

    I looked around the internet for a “How-to use memory profiler with TC65I” and still haven’t found anything.

    Did you manage to get the memory profiler (the one wich comes with the wireless toolkit) to work with TC65I?


  13. I’m trying to download to the module, the SetRootCert.bin file in order to implement java security.
    I’ve followed the steps in the Java User’s Guide pdf. However, it is a bit vague in this matter. After sending AT^SJSEC and then sending the bin file, I allways get the response:

    invalid certificate data

    I’m sending the bin file from a little VB program which just sends all the bytes in the bin file, starting at byte number 1… and so on.
    I’ve also tried with windows hyper terminal, with protocol Zmodem, and the module got stuck waiting for the bin file.

  14. I found out why I was having the above problem: “invalid certificate data”.
    The problem was not in the downloading of the SetRootCert.bin. It was in the certificate itself.
    When doing the following to generate the bin file:

    java -jar jseccmd.jar -cmd SetRootCert -certfile server.der \
    -imei 111111111111111 -alias server -storepass keystorepass -keypass keypass \
    -keystore customer.ks > SetRootCert.bin

    I was using the wrong server.der file.


  15. Hi Florent,

    please update:
    “Can we build TC65 programs with Windows Vista or Windows 7?”

    TC65i SDK/WTK 2.004+ and MES runs good on a Windows x64 Platform (tested on Windows 7 x64 with NetBeans 7.1)

  16. Hi,

    I know the question have already been asked before but no answer so far :
    How can I activate auto start remotely?
    I have some TC65I in the wild and they won’t autostart the app after the OTAP procedure. Is there anyway to force the app to start remotely?

  17. Thx for the quick reply.

    I still think it is pretty dumb to let you deploy remotely but not being able to start the app or set it to autostart remotely.

    I will have to take the road with my laptop and RS232 I guess 🙁

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