TC65 Development document updated

Same title. I wish I was more original.

I’ve been missing writing on this blog. It’s very fulfilling to write stuff around subjects we love.

What’s new in this document ?

  • Netbeans 7.0 with the TC65i
  • The use of pre-processor
  • Small thougths around the EGS5.
  • Personnal advices on project/product management

This can be considered as a draft.
I’m waiting for your comments, even (or especially) negative ones, to help me improve this document.

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10 thoughts on “TC65 Development document updated”

  1. page 16, “TC65 Programming: Keys points” — looks like you intended to make this line with some “Head” style, but now it is normal style. And there is no “TC65 Programming: Keys points” in “Table of Contents” section, but seems it is intended to be there.

    page 19, “You can use the GPIO bin by bin or setup a port where you combine the bins” — maybe you’ve meant here “pin” and “pins”, not “bin” and “bins”?

    page 33, “(The lines I sent are in bold)” — everything is ok, except that none of the following lines are bold

    page 37, ended with new but unfinished sentence “Things”…

    page 59, question “How can I use socket connection ?”, then you talk about I2C connection. I think question and answer do not match.

    P.S. Thank you a lot for instruction how to integrate MES in NetBeans 7, surely I’ll follow it soon. And also the coolest part is about JavaME preprocessor! That will help me much, as I for now have only “debugging” version of my project, and when I need to get “production” version, I just copy project to other, and start to manually search-and-replace “boolean DEBUG = true” to “boolean DEBUG = false” in all files =)

    1. Hi Nikita,

      Thank you very much for your feedback. I fixed all the mistakes, I’m going to publish the new document soon.

      Yes, the J2ME preprocessor is a great feature. It’s too bad we can’t have it in J2SE.

  2. Florent,

    I’m just here to congratulate you from all your hard work to bring such a great document.

    I’m starting to work on the TC65 for my Company and from zero knowledge your manual ‘brought me to light’.

    Again, as an electrical engineer with only pedestrian knowledge about programming, your posts about benchmarking and other programming languages are awesome.

    Thanks a lot!

    Greetings from Brazil!

  3. I think you should also add installation of the ProGuard Obfuscator Library plugin part to “Installation with Netbeans 7.0”. I also everytime install a “Mobility” plugin to Netbeans, but I don’t know if it’s nessesary.

  4. I never had to install the proguard obfucator library plugin. It was installed automatically with the SDK. And for the Mobility plugin, I wrote in my TC65Dev guide: “I’ll let you install Netbeans 7.0. You should choose the biggest version as this is the only one that supports the Mobile Environment.”.

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