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  1. Hello,

    I just buy a CINTERION TC65.
    I’m trying to use it through AT Command, I’m able to communicate with the modem using some AT commands, but is I try to use command that is using the SIM it’s doesn’t work.
    For i.e. to know the operator, send SMS, do a CALL…
    What Is it missing?


    1. Please note that there’s the javacint group to offer support (that I don’t actually have to do myself) around this chip.

      But still I’ll give you a quick answer. Mostely causes are :
      – You set a pin and didn’t entered it in your AT commands
      – You in Airplane mode
      – You have a card SIM holder problem

  2. I did try all your suggestion:
    -No pin (I’m able to call by a mobile using this SIM)
    -no in Airplane mode

    I know that all the AT modem not concerning the SIM it’s working, but If I try some command to work with SIM I have error, why?!

    Some one can help me?


  3. no I’m not able.
    but for example the ATI is giving back me the Manufacture Identifier.

    The SIM is locked to the network, means that if with other mobile I try to call to the SIM inside the mobile it’s ring (also if on HyperTeminal I don’t see nothing)

    Do you have some idea?


  4. I guess this is the place where everybody can make their corrections to the text.

    Everytime you tell about setting Autostart Delay, you say it could be from 0 to 25 s, which is incorrect. According to manual, you can set from 0 to 1000 s. Personally I set it to 40 s, and never had problems.

    1. You’re right. It was in the previous versions of the chip that it was limited to 25s. I updated my documentation, I still haven’t uploaded it though as I would like to explan people how to install the TC65i SDK on Netbeans 7.

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