Florent Clairambault

Cassandra on droid.io

droid.io is an other travis clone. I gave it a try to execute some automated tests on top of cassandra. Unfortunately it doesn’t support cassandra out of the box. But adding support for it is in fact quite easy.

Accelerating software/product development through continuous integration

The developer are the ones who build thing that run by themselves (which they should be proud of, they are makers). But they often forget about automatizing the build process. Some people like to do the same task over and over, if these people happen to be developers, they should be fired. Frequently following the same tasks to reach a goal is something that a computer can do, that’s what they were invented for.

Deploying your maven web apps on glassfish with jenkins

Simple deployment If your jenkins server is installed on the same host as the glassfish server it’s quite simple. You just have to let maven do its thing and then add this shell command: /usr/local/glassfish/bin/asadmin --echo=true --host=localhost --port=4848 --user=admin --passwordfile=/secure/place/for/passwords/domain1_password --secure=false deploy --force=true --name=myproject --contextroot=/myproject target/*.war The /secure/place/for/passwords/domain1_password file should contain this: AS_ADMIN_PASSWORD=the_password Deploying different versions With parametrized build you can go a little further and decide, for instance, if you want to deploy the current version as the production one or not.