Florent Clairambault

Cassandra on droid.io

droid.io is an other travis clone. I gave it a try to execute some automated tests on top of cassandra. Unfortunately it doesn’t support cassandra out of the box. But adding support for it is in fact quite easy.

Cassandra CQL3 internal data structure

I’m a huge fan of cassandra, I’ve been playing with it since 0.7 and I’ve never stopped using it. It would say it’s most amazing features are: Always working and simple replication + predictable performances. I was very happy when it went from a key-value store to a well structured database with CQL. With CQL you can focus on your data, and less on how you should organize your own structure to handle it properly.


I’m a huge fan of all the cloud technologies. I’ve been working on a M2M project on top of cassandra and I can really say I love this distributed database. I’d like to give my feedback on this great database. Easy management Cassandra doesn’t require any kind of manual management for complex operations like sharding data accross node restore a crashed server or put a new or a previous disconnected node back into the cluster.


UPDATE (25 July 2013) I closed the project because it was consuming a lot of resources for not special result. It was merely a test of cassandra. BTW, Cassandra didn’t have any problem handling the load generated by this project. It went very smoothly. UPDATE (07 Nov 2011) I reworked the same project with a totally different architecture. I used Java/Servlet/Glassfish + Cassandra. It’s just a test project to see how I could apply this kind of NoSQL DB to other projects, so it’s really simple.