2 thoughts on “Small updates to the TC65Dev”

  1. Nice work, as always!

    Some corrections, though:

    1) You still use the word “FAQ” at p.29, but without link it’s unclear what FAQ do you mean.

    2) Did you really remove any reference to M2MP? You have a section named M2MP and even a link to it. I think it’s great protocol though, so I don’t see why should you remove reference to it.

    3) Have you measured actual memory footprint of jazzlib? I want to use it, but now I really run out of memory. Maybe with new TC65iX chip, our headache will be gone.

    4)You have this AT String at p.18:
    But in the manual, it says this feature toggles with “on” and “off” parameter.

  2. 1) Yes, you’re right, I have to fix this.

    2) Yes, well it’s still available here. I removed it to keep a “standard” document and avoid giving too much personal ideas on the subject.

    3) I measured the difference between the two but I haven’t kept it. Basically DEFAULT_MEM_LEVEL=8 totally kills the program whereas DEFAULT_MEM_LEVEL=7 runs without any difficulty. I didn’t have to do any insane resource management work.

    4) Right, I need to fix that.

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