I’m very interested by everything around internet of things technologies (M2M). And the components I like to follow closely are the distributed databases which allow to make timeseries without single point of failures like cassandra and hbase and the message broker like RabbitMQ and ZeroMQ.

This little video isn’t really about ZeroMQ, it’s more about how build a community around a project. Personal creativity is great thing, we can all experience it some way or an other. Creating in a team gives you some new perspectives on how you can make better things (and, usually, be a better person). But creating as part of a community of people you don’t known and share your ideas/experiments/knownledges/insights with them is amazing. How to compile everyone’s mind into something better. I’ve personnaly had the best fun building things that evolved with time, on a daily basis. You know the agile methodology when you use it for real.


My favorite part was:

We discovered, by trial and errors, - as always, it’s always by making mistakes and see what goes wrong - that smart people make big mistakes. And the smarter you are, the more you make big mistakes.

But the rest of the talk is also great. Around 32:00, he talks about how he prefers to merge bad code to let people engage with the community and become part of it then passing on them (and their dumb code). It’s definitely valuable to any kind of organization trying to build communities around quality content. It’s always better to let people engage, even in a bad way, it makes other people engage as well and then you have to build the tools so that the outcome always is positive (you want a good community around/AND a good content in the end).