Hi everyone,

During the last years, I launched the javacint google group which now has grown out to be a good community of professionnals working around the Cinterion (java enabled) chips. I also created a TC65 development document. And all the questions and feedbacks you gave me on the development around these chips helped me a lot to improve (what was) my document and (what was) my FAQ.

You helped me so much indeed that I believe this content should know be open to everyone to modify. That’s why I created the javacint wiki.

So from now on, for all your TC65i related questions and feedbacks, please go to the javacint discussion group or the javacint wiki. And please share your knownledge on the javacint wiki.

I still provide development services around the Cinterion chips through my company but I try to focus more on creating products with few partners.