Why should you spend time learning go ?

The language is great

But it’s not just the language

It is given a complete environment. You can can type “go...


To be exhaustive, I’d like to mention few issues you can expect from this languages at this stage.

Can we bet on it ?

Is it matture enough ? Is is a real disruption ? Will the language actually take-off ?

It’s definitely a major evolution. Because you have many good and exclusive feature while sill having some good old C language bindings and a LOT of libraries have already been ported or binded on it. The go get command is also a great recipe for boosting community support.

Getting started

To get you started, I would recommend making the golang tour, then installing go and using a good IDE like LiteIDE or SublimeText + GoBlime.

If (or when should I say) you are hooked, read the effective go page. There are many things like the getter/setter conventions that you will only see here or in the thousands of open-source Go projects outhere.

Just as a quick note: It’s static language. If you come from PHP, ruby or python with little C/C++/java experience, you might find the variable scoping a little bit hard to understand at first.

If you want to start making webapps, I can recommend trying revel or martini (+ fresh for automatic reloading)