I bought a Kindle. It might sound strange considering I already have an iPad, but I couldn’t help myself to buy a “e-ink” enabled device.

The user experience around the Kindle is OK but not great, because it’s not a touch screen. The real amazing thing is the sync between amazon, the kindle and all the other possible devices.

  • There’s the sync when you buy a book. It appears instantly on the device. This feeling is so great. You do the “one click buy” and plop, you can read it. I know you can download most of the ebooks for free. But it takes at least 10 times more time. And I think we should prefer to download things legally when it’s at a fair price and faster to download than illegally.
  • And there’s the sync between your devices: I can read the same book on my iPad (better at night), my iPhone (I always have it) or the kindle. And every time I open any of these devices, it tells me “You were last reading on page X on this device, do you want to go there ?”.

So thank you amazon for making a better world.

On a side node, you should know that you can’t cancel ebooks you bought on amazon, even with the “one click buy”. You have to send them a mail to ask for the cancellation of your order. But every time I contacted them they replied within 20 minutes, even at 2 AM.