iOS 4.3 – iPhone 3G internet WiFi Sharing

I just tested the sharing of the iPhone 3G internet connection that comes with iOS 4.3. And it works great. I think Apple figured out that sharing 3G over WiFi was the main reason for jailbreaking iPhones.

Until now I was wondering if I would take the 3G or Wifi iPad 2. Now I’m pretty sure I will take the WiFi version. The good news here is also that Bouygues doesn’t seem to lock it (I accepted the mobile provider settings from the iTunes just after I updated the iPhone).

Sorry for the blog inactivity, I’m quite busy. And thank you for being so many (4000 /month in Analytics) to come here for reasons I can’t really explain (except I’m a very interesting person).

3 thoughts on “iOS 4.3 – iPhone 3G internet WiFi Sharing”

  1. how come it works for you? does my operator have to support this internet sharing? because when i click on it, it says contact your operator. I have usual monthly 3G mobile internet in my iphone 4, and have a German T-mobile. thanks 4 ur reply.

  2. oh, ok. my itunes didn’t ask me to accept something like that. so my operator probably doesnt have support.. so i guess i ll have to go to the shop to talk to them. but thanks.

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