Google Latitude History

I thought about this service as soon as Google released the Google Latitude service : “It would be great if they could save data so that we could see where we were at a specific time.” And I very quickly published some code to get my position (you could be tracking me right now with it). I thought they would never release the history saving feature as people would have feared for their privacy and things like that. But they did it.

I don’t know if it’s just me but I find it somehow related to what does foursquare in the way that it both help you to connect to your friends and you become rich of the location data you give them. In foursquare you have the possibility to become the mayor of nearly anything. In Google Maps, well, you possess your own tracking data.
Which basically means that the more you track, the more you create content. Couldn’t it be one of the key motivational factors ?

Google knows my mails, my contacts, my web search history, my favorites (using chrome sync), my discussions (on google talk even though I’m progressively switching to Skype), my photos, my credit card number, some friends on orkut and now my position. If you think they’re an evil big brother, you should just create better products, I’ll switch to your instantly.

One thought on “Google Latitude History”

  1. If they are evil big brother, so what? They are going to kill me? They need us, their users. And if they show themselfs evil, we hack’em all!
    They know much about much, thats good for money.
    I really prefer the Google philosophy rather then Apple’s or Microsoft’s.
    Google seem to be a nice enterprise looking for a better world, not just about making loads of money (that too).

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