Cinterion development materials removed

WARNING: All the Cinterion related content from this blog will be removed to go to the javacint wiki soon. Please get used to going there.

Hi the Cinterion community,

Cinterion France asked me to remove all the Cinterion TC65 / TC65i development materials I published on my blog. The good news is you can contact the Cinterion office of your country and sign a <a href="" onclick="_gaq achat viagra 50.push([‘_trackEvent’, ‘outbound-article’, ‘’, ‘NDA’]);” >NDA to get the latest version of their manuals and SDK.

13 thoughts on “Cinterion development materials removed”

  1. Hi Florent

    What did Cinterion not want somebody to show how use the modules in a clear and concise way?

    Your material has been invaluable to me and makes much more sense than anything I have got from Cinterion or their distributors.

    What are Cinterion thinking!!

    All the best


  2. I think Cinterion focuses on establishing business deals to sell some huge number of chips rather than pleasing a community of developers.
    If it was a consumer market, that would obviously be a bad choice, but as it’s business to business market, it looks like a reasonable thing to do.

    They only asked me to remove their documentation and SDK. Everything I wrote will stay as it is.

  3. Please don’t remove it. What is the problem with Cinterion? That annoy them? They should thank us that we are not taking efforts in hacking the tc65 security, but doing constructive work about their product, that should be their work.
    Where are the cinterion forums to discuss about this things, just how Nokia and Motorola have?
    I tryed to ask development questions to Cinterion a lot of times and I never had a response. They want us to be alone in the dark with their modules.
    Cinterion should focus in helping the development community, that is what makes the tc65 usable.

  4. Hello,
    Florent is right, our activity is Business to business .
    And some of our documentation is more confidential than others. There are too many copies of modules coming from asian countries, and we need to help only our partners such as you, and our customers. Not our disloyal competitors
    But as our aim is to help the development community in the best way we can, you must not hesitate to contact me. I guarantee all your technical questions will be answered by my Technical Sales Manager.
    On case by case, we can provide you the documentation you need.
    We value very much this development community, and we have nothing to hide from you.
    Best regards
    Jean-Michel Gaillard
    Branch Manager
    Cinterion Wireless Modules GmbH
    67, avenue André Morizet
    92100 Boulogne Billancourt
    Phone: +33 (1) 46 10 47 48
    Mobile: +33 (6) 21 91 25 28

  5. Really, when I just started to program TC65i, no one could help me with latest SDK, even my supplier.

    The only place I could find it was this cool site. I downloaded it to my office computer and since then I created a lot of code.

    Now, I need to do some extra job at home, I want to download it again, I opened this site again and found this sad post. Really, I’m disappointed. I want the SDK right here and right now, and there is no place I could get it. Contacting distributor is slow, so is not an option.

    I do not understand, what are the secrets inside the SDK. If someone want to get it, finally he will get it somehow, because SDK is intended for vast community of developers, including asian developers.

    Not placing SDK at public site only makes obstacles to developers.

    1. I can’t agree more with you, I spent gigabytes of bandwidth every month to serve these files to developers so that no one had to fight like I did to get the SDK. But well, this is their product and they do as they wish. I don’t understand the goal myself.

  6. Dear Nikita,
    I am Branch Manager for Cinterion France.
    I understand your frustration. But if you look at it from a different angle, you will get much more following our process:
    With the NDA, You get access to our entire up to date documentation and SDK. You get full technical support from Cinterion, and the Cinterion team in your region can even lend you Development boards, modules and Terminals to do your tests.
    Florent’s great site we value very much can provide a useful community forum where all developpers can exchange.
    So signing and sending back this document, you become a Citnerion Partner, and we believe it’s the best way to support you.
    Best regards

  7. Jean-Michel Gaillard,

    Up to date documentation? Do you really updated the documentation since TC65i r1? If so, I was not contacted about it.
    Full techinal support? The support takes really long time to answer, this is not helpful since we have deadlines. I still have an issue with TC65 r3 and TC65i r1 issue (bug) in Java Clock from about a year, and in my application I cannot trust the Java Clock.

    NDA does not changed a thing for me, it is just like developing forever alone (in the dark).

    I know it is not your fault, and I thank you for answering Cinterion issues here, also I am sorry for putting out my frustation in you.

  8. After the comment here, I have contacted Jean-Michel, and I have to say, after about 3 weeks of playing football with my emails, finally they gave me a contact with rather experienced technical manager, and he helped me so much with my issues. I even occasionally have achieved a very interesting developing HOWTO presentation. Who knows, what interesting documents they have, that we don’t know about?

    Still, I do not understand why all the materials are hidden from the audience, but, at least, I can say — contacting Cinterion is not that useless (if you try hard).

    I must thank Jean-Michel for his personal help in my long way of getting official support.

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